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Misconceptions in Selection and Purchase of Solar led Street Lamp Head

Datetime: 2019-09-12 20:10:23    Views: 849

In the construction of new countryside, solar LED street lamp head is more popular because of its environmental protection advantages. For the street lamp industry, the national standards in this respect are not perfect. For the manufacturers of solar street lamp head, the level is uneven. For consumers, all kinds of advertisement and propaganda are also different. It is easy to be misled by these gimmicks, blindly pursuing high brightness, shape and low price, but ignoring the key point of the lamp head products, quality and cost-effectiveness. Today, the edition will introduce some misunderstandings about the choice of solar LED street lamp head, just for your reference.

1. There are differences between actual service life and data nomination.

Generally speaking, the nominal life of LED can reach 100,000 hours, if there is no fault, it will be longer. But for the solar street lamp head system, its service life is determined by its components, mainly composed of solar panels, storage batteries, controllers, lamp head poles, light sources and so on. Among them, the life of solar panels is large. About 25 years, the life of storage battery is 3 to 5 years, and the life of solar street lamp head controller is 2 to 5 years. When choosing and purchasing, it is necessary to determine the configuration of each part, so as to give full play to the use value of LED street lamp head.

2. Price determines product

For LED solar street lamp head, in most cases, its price will reflect the combination of cost, quality and brand value. It is closely related to configuration. For some low-cost street lamp head products, to some extent, there is no way to guarantee its quality. For the street lamp head products with good performance, it must be relatively high in configuration, so for the price of street lamp head, it can only be used as a reference, not a decisive factor.

3. In different places, there are different lighting standards, blindly pursuing high brightness can be said to be a waste, but at the same time it will cause some harm to the human body, so we need to determine the lighting demand and then choose the street lamp head that meets our own needs.

4. Nominal Power and Usage Power of Solar Street Lamp Head

At present, the solar street lamp head can be intelligently controlled. At different stages, the power can be automatically adjusted according to the requirements. The use power and rated power are different.

The above misunderstandings are that most people are easy to make mistakes in the process of choosing and purchasing. After the introduction of the minor edition, I hope to give you a reference. In this way, when choosing, don"t go into the misunderstanding, so as not to buy low-performance products at high prices, it will be gratuitous. With the continuous progress of science and technology, street lamp head is also upgrading. LED street lamp head is environmentally friendly, energy-saving and popular with everyone, but the quality of street lamp head is more popular products.